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Monday, September 4, 2017

IP Australia commences consultation on IP reforms

By Lauren John, Senior Associate

IP Australia has commenced public consultation on proposed reforms to Australia’s intellectual property laws, to implement the Government's response to some of the recommendations made by the Productivity Commission following its inquiry into Australia's intellectual property arrangements.

You can read our analysis of the Government's response to some of the key recommendations here.

IP Australia has released five consultation papers:

  • Paper 1: Amending inventive step requirements for Australian patents.
  • Paper 2: Introduce an objects clause into the Patents Act 1990.
  • Paper 3: Amending the provisions for Crown use of patents and designs.
  • Paper 4: Amending the provisions for compulsory licensing of patents.
  • Paper 5: Introducing divisional applications for international trade marks.

The deadline for making written submissions in response to the consultation papers is Friday, 17 November 2017. Please contact us if you would like assistance in preparing a submission to IP Australia.

IP Australia will consult on other measures covered by the Government's response, such as the abolition of the innovation patent system and the majority of the trade mark recommendations, later this year.

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