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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

IP issues in the Harper Review

Last week saw the release of the draft report of the Harper Review, a significant review of Australia's competition laws and policy.

The draft report contains many recommendations that could have significant ramifications on competition law enforcement in Australia.

One area in which the Review is looking at is intellectual property rights.

In a video interview, Allens Partner Carolyn Oddie analyses the recommendations about IP rights and how to balance the tension between the desirability of IP rights and the need to encourage innovation in a fast-changing digital environment.

To view the video, go to our website.

Please get in touch with an Allens lawyer or attorney if you would like our assistance with preparing a submission to the Review. Submissions are due on 17 November 2014. A final report is due to be released March 2015 for consideration by the Federal Government.

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